Foul Play Essay Research Paper It was

8 August 2017

Foul Play Essay, Research Paper

It was tardily in the eventide. There was a adult male sitting in a chair and flipping channels thirstily between two baseball games on Television. The adult male & # 8217 ; s name was Les Sutton. He was a eminent adult male standing 6 & # 8242 ; 3 & # 8243 ; . He was built, worked out a batch and looked like person non to run into in a dark alley.Les was a investigator. His accomplishments of tax write-off were superb. He besides had an helper. Les & # 8217 ; s long clip pal and spouse & # 8217 ; s name was Jason Meisch. Jason was besides really tall but he was more gangling, built more like a hoops participant. He was besides highly bright but non every bit intelligent as Les. Although Les was his best friend and the same age, Jason still looked up to him wish small childs look up to grownups, with pure awe and admiration.The following twenty-four hours after Les had been channel surfing for baseball games, he and Jason got together and didn & # 8217 ; Ts have anything to make.

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Foul Play Essay Research Paper It was
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Bing the immense baseball fans that they were and populating in the province of California where baseball is everyplace, they decided to travel to a ballgame. They figured that they had a long deadening afternoon in forepart of them so they went down to Chavez Ravine ( the topographic point where the LA Dodgers drama ) and got tickets to the Dodger game that was scheduled to get down in approximately 15 minutes.Les and Jason were basking the game while eating hot Canis familiariss and imbibing dad. The Dodgers were winning by the mark of 5-4. Just so, catcher Mike Piazza, allow another pitch go by him. & # 8220 ; What the heck? Piazza is playing awful today. He has let 4 balls by him and struck out all three times he has been at the home base, & # 8221 ; Les said.Jason agreed, & # 8220 ; Yeah, that is sort of Wyrd. I mean, he & # 8217 ; s an All-Star. It & # 8217 ; s non like him to play like this. & # 8221 ; The whole remainder of the game they sat in their seats inquiring why Mike Piazza was playing so bad. When they got place they were watching the intelligence. They had a amusing narrative on about how in Las Vegas there was a batch of money lost on that game because the Dodgers lost 7-5. As they watched that narrative they both looked at each other and exclaimed, & # 8220 ; Piazza threw the game! & # 8221 ; They didn & # 8217 ; Ts have anything else to make so they decided to seek to calculate out who paid Piazza to throw the game. Les said he was up for a good probe and some mental stimulation and Jason rapidly agreed.Jason and Les drove to Las Vegas and went to speak to some of the biggest bookmakers in town. Out of the 7 bookmakers that they talked to merely one gav

e them any useful information. He told them about a guy that had placed a good sized amount of money on the game.Jason said, “What a break!”Les wasn’t so sure though. The duo went and found this man that had won all the money on the game. They questioned him and were convinced that it had just been a coincidence that he had bet all his money on one game and that he didn’t know anything.”Back to square one,” Jason said disappointedly. Les knew about one other bookie in town that they had not talked to. They went and talked to him and he told him that he knew about a man that had won $100,000 on the game. He said that the man’s name was DeWiernts.Jason said, “This lead has got to go somewhere.” Les said, “I don’t know, don’t get your hopes up too high.”They went and checked out DeWiernts and found out that he used to be a Dodger’s scout. When Les and Jason showed up at his house there was a note on his door that said:Went on a cruise,Be back in one week.Les said, “Damn! We missed him!”After they left DeWiernts’s house they went to talk to some of his friends and former colleagues. They all acted weird, like something had been going on. When they walked back outside through the parking lot they noticed a lot of new, expensive cars.Jason said, “Wow, look at all these new cars!” Les said, “Hmmm…I wonder…” He walked behind the cars and noticed that they all had temporary plates on them. “That’s it! They were all in on it, the whole organization.” Les quickly marched back into the stadium and demanded to see the team owner. When the owner arrived down in the meeting room, Les quickly accused him of a conspiracy. Les said, “You set up this game and had everyone in your organization bet on it. Bet against their own team. Then you paid off Piazza to make all those errors and since he is your only real threat to do anything at the plate you didn’t have to worry about scoring many runs.”The owner was stunned that anyone would have figured out that he had wanted his own team to lose. He knew that all he could do was give in and give up the charade. The next day Les and Jason got a big interview on ESPN and the Dodgers were fined for $10 million. Piazza was suspended from baseball for one year and Jason and Les were given free lifetime season tickets to the San Francisco Giants games because the Giants, being the Dodgers biggest rival, were very happy to see their foe fall like that.

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