Most advertisements of the same product tend to relate in many more ways than to just sell the product. The following advertisements, brands including L’oreal, Maybelline, and Neutrogena, are all selling foundation. All three manufacturers of the make-up created advertisements that meet both the need to achieve and the need to feel safe. Even though modern advertisers may say that they are selling cosmetics, they are actually selling the consumer an easy and safe way to achieve perfection- just apply their foundation.

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The need to achieve is met in the L’oreal advertisement by making the consumer strive to achieve the perfect look in the eyes of society. The L’oreal brand uses the word “luminous” to engage the audience’s senses, especially with the vibrant vision of an impossibly beautiful woman. This woman is used as a way of showing that if you use their foundation, you can achieve this vivacious look. Maybelline takes a slightly different approach to satisfy this need to achieve, but still accomplishes the task just as well.

This brand used the phrase …“1-step wonder for a good skin day, every day,” to portray the simple idea of achieving the picture-perfect image. The advertisement provides the visual of a confident woman to persuade the viewer of how easy it is to conquer that image by using the “1-step wonder. ” Every woman wants the perfect appearance, so use their foundation and it will be all yours. The third advertisement selling foundation, which is manufactured by Neutrogena, takes a different route than providing a flawless human figure.

This advertisement uses a more simple tactic by telling the audience that it is a skin-clearing make-up that improves skin and reduces breakouts. If you apply their foundation you will no longer have bad skin, and you will have achieved the look of flawless skin just by using their product. The three advertisements that are created by L’oreal, Maybelline, and Neutrogena meet the need to feel safe by using the same method. This method is through the use of text. It is stated on the L’oreal advertisementthat their foundation contains antioxidants with vitamins C and E.

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Having vitamin C will help prevent skin from wrinkling, and vitamin E reduces the severity of sunburns. Maybelline appeals to the safety of consumers by stating that it is made with SPF 30. If you use their foundation, yourskin will be protected from the UVA rays produced by the sun. Foundation that is manufactured by Neutrogena is identified as dermatologist tested. Their product “has a proven blemish-fighting formula that works undercover to clear breakouts. When a product is dermatologist tested it is safe and healthy for your skin which satisfies that need to be safe. All three of these advertisements may seem different visually, but they all have the commonality of selling a safe product to consumers through using text. L’oreal, Maybelline, and Neutrogena all three created foundation advertisements that appeal to the need to achieve the perfect look and the need to feel safe through the use of visuals and text. If you use their cosmetics, you can achieve your desired look and will be safer than you would be without them.

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