Founding Brothers by Joseph J. Ellis

4 April 2015
A book review of “Founding Brothers” by Joseph J. Ellis, a study of the American Revolution.

A discussion of the book “Founding Brothers” by Joseph J. Ellis in which the American Revolution is seen through the points of view of six different prominent figures (Jefferson, Washington, Adams, Madison, Hamilton and Franklin). The paper analyzes each chapter (which looks at a different event from the eyes of different personality) in turn.
“The fifth chapter and the sixth chapter take a look at the entwined lives of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. This book shows Jefferson as a scheming politician who believed in the theory that the ends justify the means. Therefore he wore a mask at all the times. He was a two faced man who on the face of John Adams professed deep friendship, but on the back he had no qualms in giving a stab. This chapter is a rude awakening to the fans of Thomas Jefferson as Ellis shows him to be a man more involved in showing off a character which will be revered for ages but at the same time being involved in backstabbing of the unassuming, and therefore inadequate, Adams.”

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