Four Problems Bahamian Farmers Face

10 October 2016

Farming in The Bahamas has many problems. List and explain FOUR problems the farmers face in The Bahamas. Give suggestions to help the farmers solve these problems Four problems farmers in The Bahamas face First: The problem that most farmers face today is the lack of Farming in knowledge the general public has about modern procedures. Modern farming procedures have less impact on the environment than methods widely used early in the 20th century.

Soil erosion inhibitors, soil carbon monitoring, and water conservation and collection have all improved over time. Second: They looked down upon by locals costs of product (seeds fertilizer etc. ) weather, availability of water, cost of equipment-purchase repair maintain, cost of labor, labor laws, length of time between commitment and maturity of any crop, organic vs. norganic fertilization, bugs As a result of the sheer number of people working the land, the country is under severe agricultural stress, suffering from a loss of soil fertility and a high degree of erosion. Third: Farmers have trouble growing crops and commonly experience reduced yields – as a result, malnutrition. Abrupt seasonal weather changes, including floods, early frosts and winter blizzards, cause various problems for farmers, including loss of crops and stock. Farming is carried out on small plots throughout most of the islands.

Four Problems Bahamian Farmers Face Essay Example

Only about 1% of the land area is cultivated. The nature of the terrain limits the scope of farming, which is mainly a household industry. The main crops are vegetable onions okra and tomatoes, the last two raised mainly for export. Fourth: They are lack of fertile soil so that’s a problem for them to plant good and healthy crops and it’s hard for them to make money and that’s going to be a HUGE problem for them and their country as well. My suggestion to farmers in the Bahamas

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