Framing a life story

1 January 2018

Why do you think that the decision to act on one’s values is sometimes labeled as “naive”? I think the reason why we label a decision as “naive” is because somehow a person cannot accept the truth or reality. He or she doesn’t clearly determine his or her goals that may lead to failure. Why do you think that the individual who decides to act on his/her values is sometimes labeled as “unwilling to make the difficult calls” or “not committed to the firm”? I consider it as a betrayal.That person cannot commit to the team (film)’s goals. Moreover, it may affect the value of the team itself.

To overcome such a circumstance, we have to punish him/her by not participating him/her in the team, We can define our own story. Why do you think that the Individual who decides to act on his/her values Is sometimes labeled as “not driven to succeed”? This kind of person Is really hard to commit so how could someone become successful if he/she cannot keep his/her own promises.Success that really drives us is something that must be deeply rooted for It to serve us In times of stressful choices. Self-reflection and assessment exercises about our definitions of success and purpose are useful In this case. Can you Identify alternate stories or “frames” to use to change these labels, at least for the actor him or herself? The case protagonist from “A Personal Struggle with the Definition of Success” or the leadership development class participants In “Naiveté or Boldness.

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