France & European Community (EC)

Examines history & goals of EC & French resistance & cooperation. Issues discussed include legalities, economics, politics, banking, conflicts with Germany & Japan and protectionism.

The countries of Europe long dreamed of a Europe without borders, a Europe without trade barriers or barriers to the free flow of goods and people from one country to another. The dream came closer to a reality with the creation of the European Community and specifically with the adoption of the Maastricht Treaty as a step in an ongoing process leading one day to a Europe united in more than trade. This prospect has created fears among some, however, and some of the member states, or their leadership, have seen the developing EC as a challenge to their sense of sovereignty and autonomous rule. At present, the EC as constituted since 1992 is an economic common market, spurred to integration by the perception that only in this way would Europe be able to compete in the future against the growing.

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