Francis Bacon’s of Studies

1 January 2017

It is in the essay “Of Studies” by Francis Bacon where aphorisms are found throughout the read. They provide truth to the essay as one might read. Bacon says, “crafty men condemn studies, simple men admire them, and wise men use them”. Simply put “crafty men find their way around studies, simple men know studies are important, and wise men put them to work”. In comparison different students in a high school environment can portray a crafty, simple, or wise man. The crafty student is not necessarily the troublemaker but more the student who is known to be smooth.

They would put more work possibly into getting around or out of the work that needs to be done school than the actual work. This student would squeeze by and be content with it. Homework would be done before class, copied. Test days would be missed and not taken until adequate knowledge of what was on it was known. They are the students who are friends with all the teachers and who teachers think the world of, making it easier for the student to get by right under their nose! It is the crafty that doesn’t get much out of schooling, and is the most of the time the one struggling later in life.

Simple students are your average students. They know that schooling and education are of vital importance to there future. However they would much rather be doing something else in life at that very moment. School to them is something they suffer through now, waiting for that time when they can be independent and lead a life of their own A simple student wishes they could be both a crafty and a wise student. It’s a crafty student in the eyes that could make school and life more laid back, and/or a wise student so work could be easier.

What’s wrong of course is that work isn’t any easier for a wise student. The wise student isn’t necessarily the valedictorian of his or her class or the national honor society. They are simply put the ones who seek more knowledge. A wise student is one who has many hobbies and interests in life. They see something and want to become more familiar with it. The student can be compared a “go getter” someone who is determined and willing to achieve a goal. That student in high school is the one who is most of the time involved with as many activities as possible.

May it be a sport, or student government or just a glee club. This student is the one who enjoys life to its fullest, gets work done and lives life to the fullest! When Bacon stated his line about the three men it is unclear to the reader who he could possibly be comparing them to. Whether it is high school students or not they do describe the people around us. The truth about humans in general can be compared into those the groups. However what targets us as one of those men is what makes us unique in a world full of differences.

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