Franco-Spanish Relations in the 20th Century

4 April 2015
Overview of relations between Spain & France since the rise of Francisco Franco in 1936 through the current regime of Juan Carlos.

Relations between different national states are affected by both internal and external forces. In the European Community, the participating states have been bound together by agreements offering mutual economic benefits, but this does not mean there are no longer any problems or tensions between individual states. Spain was long a particular problem in Europe because of the dictatorship that ruled it, but since the end of that rule, Spain has tried to interact with the international community to a greater degree. Relations between Spain and France serve as an example.

Spain was formerly under a system of personal rule established in 1936. The monarchy was reestablished in 1975. This followed the death of Francisco Franco, the ruler since 1936. He had run a rigidly centralized, unitary state, but the 1978..

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