Frank Sinatra: The Very Best

8 August 2019

Frank Sinatra: “The Very Best”Frank Sinatra is an icon of American culture, with his music heard around the world. It is not common, though, to find teens today who have had an opportunity to appreciate the excellent music of Frank Sinatra.Recently, I added a newer CD (produced in 1997) to my collection. It is called “The Very Best” and that it is. Included on the two CDs are some of my favorites, including “The way you look tonight,” “Fly me to the moon,” “They can’t take that away from me,” “My kind of town,” “My way” and “Put your dreams away.” In all, the CD has 20 songs, with 10 on each disk. If you are a teen and like rap, rock, R&B, house and even some oldies, then you are a lot like me. When given the chance to listen to Sinatra, do it. You will not regret it, and yes, even though Frank Sinatra is now gone, his spirit lives on in his music. His music is very inspiring, combining pieces of jazz, orchestra, swing and his incredible vocal ability. Altogether, when listening to his songs, it makes me think of a better time, plus it’s a good escape when you’re sick of listening to Busta Rhymes or DMX. The funny thing about all of Sinatra’s music is that there is not one song he sings that will not match the feeling you have at the time. In many ways, his music is extremely relaxing, but don’t worry about falling asleep. Every now and then, especially during a slower beat song, the orchestra throws in an extra big bang. I would suggest trying it, even if you are skeptical. You never know, you might like him as much as I do.

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