Franz Ferdinand

6 June 2019

Franz Ferdinand is an indie rock quartet from Glasgow, Scotland and their amazing self-titled debut album is a must-hear. Franz creates a unique sound all their own with wild, pulsating guitar riffs, driving drum lines and catchy lyrics. Their stylish and artsy blend of sounds will have you dancing, rocking and begging for more.

The CD’s eleven tracks have a wide range of moods. Some are hectic and fun, while others are dark and mysterious. The first track, “Jacqueline,” is a tune that starts slowly and poetically, but becomes fast-paced. The last track, “40,” is one of the more shady tunes.

Another standout, “Take Me Out,” is their first single and a great example of their loud, modern side. “Come on Home” is about the downside of having a long-distance lover. It is one of my favorites, not only because of the story, but because of its hypnotic blend of keyboards and guitars. Another favorite, “Michael,” is a sexy song about a club dancer. It will have you grooving along as lead singer Alex Kapranos pleads: “So, come and dance with me.”

While already successful in their native United Kingdom, Franz Ferdinand is fairly new to the American indie rock world. Yet, already, critics have hailed their music as part of the comeback of the “flu-wave” genre.

I recommend this album to any alternative rock fan. Franz Ferdinand is definitely a band for the newest generation of hipsters.

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