Fred Green by Fred Green

1 January 2020

Excerpt from 100 greatest t Albums of all time by Brandon Ware, Foreword by Myles Crandall
Chris: Drums, Lead Vocals
Todd: Bass, vocals
Ben: Guitar, vocals
Produced by Fred Green and Larry Elyou
Shed Winder/U/Who Am I/Off the Ground/Bizarre/Hybachi (fryin’ pan mix)/Awake/It’s Alright/Jeffro Bridge/P.A./Talkin’ to Bob

I bet you have no idea who Fred Green is. Fred ARE not a person, but a highly accomplished music group of three men from Arizona. How did I learn about them? My best friend, Erik Bendiksen’s father is the head of Bendiksen productions. The bands fourth and final album (also on the list) was worked on by Mr. Lance Bendiksen.
I was prepared for an average rock band. What I got was a crazy mix of reggae, alternative, and funk. Fred Green was a band who could actually sing. Chris and Ben handle the vocals fantastically. Their harmonies could be compared to John Lennon and Paul McCartney. I do not have the liberty to say that of any other band. It is amazing how Chris Peeler can play drums like magic with a funk/reggae element while handling the lead vocals melodically. Magnificent! Todd is a crazy talented bassist who doesn’t just “pound it out.” He freestyles with insanity. Ben is a genius guitarist who can play fast, slow, loud, quiet, and everything in between.
This album contains some of Fred Green’s most acclaimed work. Here for show is “Off the Ground”, a boogie woogie funk track played in 5/4 featuring a significant appeal to the drums. There is also a remixed version of a song that appeared on one of their earlier albums: “Hybachi”. The title, misspelled on purpose, represents the merits of snack cravings and getting high. A significantly funny lyric and musical arrangement leads to two minutes of funny Fred.
My favorite track on the album happens to be the closer, “Talkin’ To Bob.” This is Fred at their very best musically and lyrically. The signature musical trademark of the band is present here. Also, the lyric is the illiterate fantasy of someone talking to a bob named Bob. Funnily enough, the character of Bob is portrayed exactly like you’d expect him to be after looking at the title: a sad man that absolutely everybody picks on. Just listen to the last 30 seconds of the song and see what I mean.
I posted this album because it not only because it deserves more recognition than it has received so far, but also because Fred Green is a completely underrated band. Do yourself a favor and buy the album. It is on iTunes. It is sad to see that artists like Justin Bieber make a million an hour to poorly sing horrible music that they didn’t even write while groups with genuine talent are living on shoestring beyond the eye of the public. The undiscovered legacy of Fred does not deserve that.

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