Frederic Chopin

6 June 2019

If you think you’ve heard good piano music, you’ve heard nothing until you a listen to Frederic Chopin. Chopin’s skillful technique, creative imagination, and variety of styles will keep you listening for hours. The feeling he puts into his music will have you hopping one minute, and meditating the next.

Piano music isn’t the only thing he excelled in. He also wrote music for symphonies to accompany the piano. These concertos are very powerful and brilliant and will show you what a composer Chopin was.

So many different Chopin music albums and collections exist that I really can’t tell you what you should start with, but one that seems to be popular in many music stores is called “Chopin’s Waltzes.”

This album is comprised of 24 beautifully-composed, short waltzes that Chopin wrote. I recommend this because the pieces are easy to listen to and are not full of complex chords that may boggle the brain.

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Also, the simple melodies will catch on quickly and you will find yourself humming along with the music.

So, go and get yourself a Chopin CD. I guarantee you will see his incredible talent and learn to appreciate and enjoy his remarkable music

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