Frederick Douglas

6 June 2017

Frederick Douglass creates a tale in which his grandmother breathes her last moments. He uses melancholy tones to draw the reader towards the sad emotions. Douglass shows that there is neither mercy nor compassion towards slaves even when they are suffering through their last hours on earth. He calls out the morality of not only the plantation owners, but the readers themselves. Frederick Douglass uses parallel structure to achieve his purpose by making the audience realize they must ave compassion towards all people, regardless of their race and that they must abolish slavery.

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Frederick Douglass uses phrases and tones that sadden the reader. He weaves the nightmare so well that the audience doesn’t realize that he was never actually there to witness the death of his grandmother. He uses phrases Ilke “moans of the dove” and “screams of the hideous owl” to represent the hopelessness and fear such a lonely death can bring. Douglass tries to put the readers in his grandmother’s place to question how they would feel If they were In her position.

He uses shared values of family and that, because his grandmother’s “hearth is desolate,” she has no family or place of belonging. The audience begins to sympathize the woman they don’t even know because they can relate to the Importance of family. Frederick Douglass brings out the significance of family by using sad words to make the audience understand the feeling of being alone. Throughout the passage, there is not an ounce ot compassion or mercy towards the grandmother, which gives the readers an insight of how horrible slavery can be

The older woman suffers her last days alone, cold, and In pain. Douglass shows his readers that, even when death breaths upon the necks of the slaves, they still see no compassion from their masters towards thern There is no one to simply giver her water or help her stand or to nurture and comfort her until her final breath. Once again this causes the audience to feel sorry for the grandmother, Frederick Douglass shows the audience how the slaveholders have a total lack of compassion and mercy towards slaves, regardless what condition theyre In, and pushes the audience to do omething.

Frederick Douglass calls out the morality of his readers because they are chrlstlans and It Is their duty to take care of all people. HIS grandmother Is abused throughout his whole tale In regard for her last moments. For someone to be “responsible” for a slave and still be that cruel is morally wrong. The audience sees this and their sense of morality comes up, telling them that they must do something to help the slaves. Douglass is smart in calling them out because the readers would not be considered true Christians If they were to let the Inhumanity slide. Frederick

Douglass questions the morality ot the readers by showing them that they are not fulfilling their duty to take care of others. Frederick Douglass makes up a story in which his grandmother dies in a harsh way. He uses sad phrases to show the importance ot family and home. He explains in vivid detail how merciless and uncompassionate slaveholders are, regardless of the slaves’ condition. He calls out the morality of the readers due to the fact that they are achieves his purpose by calling upon shared values to make his audience more devoted to their cause in abolishing slavery and showing kindness towards all.

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