Frederick Douglass My groups presentation I think overall went very well. Our goal was to present on the life of Frederick Douglass, but putting more emphasis on his later years. We had a rather larger group of people who were not very familiar to each other, but we were all able to coordinate times, and make it work for the better. Having a larger group, I think we were able to find a lot of information, in fact, maybe more than we needed. The amount of information that is out there about Frederick Douglass is incredible.

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It was one of the reasons that we were fortunate enough to present on such an interesting person. We broke the paper up by each covering a different part of his life. Kevin covered his early life, until the point on Douglass’s life where he met William Loyd Garrison. This is when Douglass’s public speaking career started, this was covered by Reece. I myself focused on Douglass’s life outside of the U. S.. Brendan focused his concentration on the literary work of Douglass, and Drew researched his affiliation with U.

S. Presidents and other political/authority fgures. With this strategy we were able to take advantage of the large group of people we had. Everyone found enough information on their particuler subtopics to put the presentation together, in fact, we had to much. A challenge we had was picking and choosing which parts of Douglass’s life were un-important enough to leave out, or we would not have had enough time to present effectively. I think our most effective tool however, was the opening video.

I have always thought hat the best way to open a presentation is with the most interesting thing that you have to show. It grabs the viewers attention right away, and it always keeps them on their feet. Going into this project, I honestly thought that their was nothing more that I could learn about Douglass. Our class covered him so much, and his narratives taught me so much about him, that I got a little egotistical, and thought thatI knew everything that I needed to know. That is where I was wrong, in fact, it is why I volunteered to over his over seas life.

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It brought to my attention the many speeches that Douglass gave in the U. K. And how he got the confidence to goback to America and be an abolitionist in the first place. So that is a lesson that I wont soon forget, that there is always more to learn. By splitting the project up like we did, it went much smoother than I could have. Each researcher did their part, and was able to put it in the presentation, and talk present in, and put it in the best chronological order that we could.

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