Frederick W Taylor & The Rise off Scientific Management

4 April 2015
Critical review of work by Daniel Nelson on Taylor’s positive & negative impact on American industry, factory system, management & labor, productivity, innovations.

Daniel Nelson, in Frederick W. Taylor and the Rise of Scientific Management, explores and analyzes the techniques and innovations initiated by Taylor (1856-1915) and the impact he and they had on the transformation of American industry, with specific reference to the factory system, industrialization, productivity, management and labor. Nelson’s aim is both to portray Taylor’s contributions to the development of scientific management, and to show that Taylor was not the developer of ruthless, dehumanizing, and simple-minded techniques to exploit industrial workers (book jacket) that he is often described as being. The author aims to show that, to the contrary, he was an integral part of his era, trying at all times to streamline a system which made him as much as he made it.
The problem with Nelson’s book is that it does not make the…

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