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1 January 2018

What is Sociology? After doing discussion two and having to read from the textbook or just looking up the information I have a better understanding of what sociology is so let me break it down to you. Basically, sociology is an analysis of human society and culture from a sociological perspective. I couldn’t put it any simpler then it’s the study of society. It examines how humans interact with social acts and social relationships, individual personality, groups/ communities or organizations. Sociology emerged in the early nineteenth century in response to the challenges of modernity. (Crossman) The term sociology was coined by French Philosopher A. Comte in 1838, who is known for the “father of sociology”. Comte thought science could take place to study the I guess you could call it the social world. (Crossman) There are three perspectives over sociology which are structural functionalism, conflict theory, and symbolic interactionism. I’m going to give you a little insight on each one before I go in depth with them. I’m going to start off with Structural functionalism which is the way each part of society functions together to contribute to the whole. Conflict theory is the way inequalities contribute to social differences and perpetuate differences in power and lastly, Symbolic interactionism is one to one interactions and communications. Sociologists develop theories to explain different social events, interactions, and patterns. Each perspective has different macro-level theories, functionalism and conflict theory tries to operate as a whole and symbolic interactionism focuses on interactions between individuals.

Conflict perspective
I’m going to start off with the conflict perspective, conflict perspective is exactly what it sounds like “conflict” social conflict theory tries to show us that society creates conflict due to many different things that go on, on our everyday life. Micro-level orientation is a thing sociologist will use just because of it simple and it takes society as a whole and not individually and how it affects us. Karl Marx who I guess you could say came up with the conflict perspective thought that 2 groups of people in our society are the poor and the rich. Social conflict can be good or it can be bad, he studied what the outcome would be if one the rich or poor decided to rise against the other he also looked at each role that would play. Good that could come out of conflict perspective is like an uprising against the local govt. The government fights its own people to keep control. Battles that took place earlier in a lifetime were fought for land, money, power. Some bad that could come out of it would be shootings, bomb threats or actual bombings, and violence that takes place everywhere and every day. Conflict theory is basically like if I’m in power/ control right now I’m going to do everything in my power to keep it that way, not if I’m not in power to get in the position where I will be in control.
Structural functionalism
The second perspective I’m going to talk about is the structural functionalism

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