Free Trade versus Protectionism

4 April 2015
A look at the concepts of free trade and protectionism and how they each impact trade.

This paper compares the aspects of free trade to that of protectionism and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each.
“Capitalism is a global system organized nationally. Every discussion of the global economy must include reference to relations amongst national economies and states, generated through the uneven development of various constituencies and the tensions involved in integration and competition, and those involved in integration and assertions of sovereignty. (Monthly Review, July-August 1999.) Advocates of free trade argue that growing economic prosperity worldwide owes much to the increase and liberalization of trade. It encourages improved productivity, increased access to technology and better quality products and services. Between 1950 and 1998, global exports increased by a factor of 18, while global output increased six and a half times. This year, the growth in world trade is projected to increase by 6 to 7%, up from 4% in 1999-2000. (African Business, February 2001.) ”

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