Free Will

A study on how the application of David Hume’s theory of free will could contribute to a better society.

The paper shows that by utilizing philosopher David Hume’s theory that everyone has free will, regardless of the previous circumstances, and is accountable for their behavior, we could produce a more responsible and civil society and reduce much of the immoral, unethical and criminal behavior.
“”In the hospital, a woman does not give birth to a doctor, lawyer, ballerina, policeman, or athlete it is always, without exception, a boy or a girl “(Zigler, See you at the Top). It is the choices that are made from free will that decides who the person is that will derive from birth. Teachers and parents, along with other leaders, have a responsibility to give the child the fundamentals to live as productively as possible. The correct mentality, and guidance can produce miracles in helping the child become an adult who accomplishes great things. This applies to adults as well. Psychology, properly used, will teach one that the decisions made now will reflect what behavior one will choose, out of free will.”
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