Freedom fighter

5 May 2016

We have all heard at some time or other , that largely due to the tendencies of basic human nature, humanity has spent much of its time on this planet in some kind of dispute.

Freedom fighter Essay Example

Whether it is for land, money, title, religion and fundamentals, we seem to be good at picking up a fight with one another. Over the years certain figures have emerged who have dedicated themselves completely to a particular cause, usually in the face of terrible oppression. Today I am going to touch upon some of these figures, who has taken up the cause to relieve humanity from the various oppressions. These great figures were accredited as the Great Freedom Fighter’s of the world.

Who can forget our First Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru an other great Indian freedom fighter also known as the Chacha Nehru . He was born at Allahabad in 1889 on 14th November. He started his practice at Alahabad High Court. In the young age of Nehruji the British ruled over India. The England treated Indians badly. This pained Nehru. He joined the non-cooperation Movement started by Gandhiji.

He acted as Congress President. When India became free, he was elected the first Prime Minister of India. He solved some difficult problems of the country as well as the world. I can go on and on naming many more freedom fighters and their contribution to human kind. One thing which is common in all these freedom fighters, are their unconditional devotion and commitment to the cause for which they stand and I now end up my speech by saluting such great leaders.

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