Freedom Summer by Doug Mcadam

4 April 2015
Critical review of study of accomplishments & legacy of student volunteers in 1964 Mississippi Freedom Summer civil rights campaign.

Doug McAdam, in Freedom Summer, explores the dramatic changes experienced by the volunteers [who participated in the Mississippi Freedom Summer campaign, or the Summer Project] and America during this era [June through August, 1964] (5). The thesis of this study will be that McAdam successfully accomplishes his goals. Those goals include not only making clear the events of the summer and showing the significance of those events for those who took part, but also demonstrating the long-term consequences of the Summer Project. As McAdam writes, Freedom Summer marked a critical turning point both in the lives of those who participated in the campaign and the New Left as a whole. Its significance lies both in the events of the summer and the cultural and political consequences that flowed from it. The events . . .
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