Freedom vs. Safety

4 April 2015
This paper presents a detailed discussion about wire-tapping, computer privacy and cell phones in the context of the age of terrorism which America finds itself entrenched in.

The following paper explores the capabilities as well as the possibilities when it comes to the maintenance or invasion of privacy in creating safety precautions without violating the constitution. This paper focuses on the need to be careful of violating the constitutional rights of the American people, even though the American government continues to seek out terrorists.
“America is known throughout the world as the land of the free. The United States Constitution lays out the protected freedoms of Americans more clearly than any other constitution in the world. The freedoms and the protection of privacy in this country is something that millions of immigrants flock to take part in each year as they start their life anew in the United States of America. Following the events of 9-11 however, a nervous eye has been cast in the direction of privacy issues. Wire tapping, listening in on cell phone conversations and using those conversations in court, and email privacy have all come under scrutiny. Before the attacks on the World Trade Center, the answer was very clear concerning privacy in these areas.”
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