Freedom Writers Diary opinion piece

8 August 2016

Fantasy, mystery, action, adventure, horror, and romance are all types of genres people generally have interest in reading. Most of the time, a person will pick up a book of the genre fantasy to escape into a different world, that may not exist. They may even pick up a romance filled book to day dream and fantasize. We have the freedom to read any type of book we desire, and the freedom to read it whenever or wherever we like. The Freedom Writers Diary is a non-fiction.

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A book that tells the story of war, reality, and struggles of daily adolescents lives. It’s a book that teaches and educates students, parents, and teachers honestly and straightforward to understand a different world than what they may live in. The Freedom Writers Diary should be taught in schools because it demonstrates students how to overcome adversity and find success, teaches students the reality and the dangers of events that could happen in reality, and also motivates and engages kids to read the book or even read a book in general.

Change is good, for those who wait,” Freedom Writer, Diary 78, Page 160, defines the meaning of overcoming adversity and finding success. Every day, these students are reminded constantly that they are a failure, culpable for the death of friends or family, a drop-out, a culprit or even a no body. The freedom writers face deadly struggles daily and still manage to keep their life and overcome their biggest challenge, adversity. Overcoming adversity and finding success is the most difficult struggle they wake up to and face.

As seen in the book, students are likely to explain that they won’t make it past graduation, they won’t succeed, and they’ll be just like the others and drop out as expected. I think this book teaches students, such as myself, that even in the toughest times you can overcome adversity. Finding success is an essential piece to life that people give up on after failing for the first time. Without overcoming adversity, you won’t be able to succeed, and that’s what The Freedom Writers Diary teaches students.

To not give up, and if you care passionately about a particular interest, then give it your all, overcome adversity, and find the success that you deserve. “What cannot be said above all must not be silenced but written,” (Jacques Derrida), defines the importance of The Freedom Writers Diary and its role on our education system. Recognizing true reality is what I think the book mainly teaches. As read in the book, the students are constantly stuck in a battle between races, frequently trying to exonerate their loved ones from crimes and continuously in fear of what might happen to them.

What I’ve learned from Disney movies is completely unlike what I’ve learned from The Freedom Writers Diary. Disney movies often portray a beautiful princess living in her happy world who eventually finds her prince charming and they live happily ever after without anything happen to them. As I got older, I began to understand that reality wouldn’t be as perfect and pretty as it does in Disney movies, but I never knew the true onerous reality that occurs to students my age when they first open their eyes.

These students are struggling through war, dodging bullets every time they step outside, and frequently in danger. Often times these students are reproved for being broke, or being of the opposite race. Recognizing true reality and its dangers are a vital part of life to understand, especially as a student living in an entirely different lifestyle. Not only does The Freedom Writers Diary teach overcoming adversity and reality, but it also motivates students to read and engage in class activities on the book. We all know, most people do not enjoy reading as much as others do.

As a student and peer, I have noticed that more students have gotten engaged in this reading and feel more comfortable to talk about and converse about. Many students love the reading and also engages myself to read. To many of the students, they describe the book being fascinating and hard to put the book down after reading a couple pages. Keeping this book in schools will help build a better education system and will help increase the participation and activity of students. To me, The Freedom Writers Diary is part of the Western literary canon.

A canon is a group of books that we as a society deem an educated person should read and schools should teach. The book gives a better understanding of daily struggles and challenges students and people have to face with every day. It engages kids to read and motivates students to overcome their own daily struggle and find success in doing so. Taking such a book out of our educational system would be a terrible idea and can decrease the possible chance of learning something so valuable and vital for learning in life.

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