French Animosity

4 April 2015
This paper examines why Americans have such animosity to the French.

This paper tries to understand the phenomena why so many Americans have such animosity to the French. It looks at the common history that the two nations share, the similarities and also their differences and asks where the root of this animosity started.
From the paper:

“France is a member of the European community and French is spoken all over the world, from Europe to North America to Africa. Yet why are there so many jokes about, and so much animosity towards the French? Some of the problems Americans have with the French perhaps stem from the fact that the French seem fairly similar to us on the surface in appearance and prosperity, yet act so differently. For instance, many English words have French roots due to the Norman invasion of our parent country of England in 1066. (Let’s Go 59) Yet the French, even in contrast to other European countries, have always gone their own way, perhaps most famously Charles DeGaulle’s bowing out of NATO during the formation of that organization after World War II.”

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