French Revolution

6 June 2016

The French Revolution
The French Revolution was one of the most significant turning points in French history. It changed France completely, and brought a lot of positive results to France, even there were some negative results as well.

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Abolishing Feudalism is addressed during the National Assembly’s Decree, which is described in document 1. It attempts to make everyone pay taxes, doesn’t matter what estate you are. However, it also gives people equal rights to work in different positions and dignities. In document 2, The Declaration of the Right s of Man gives everybody the freedom of speech, equality in law, and proportional taxation. Document 3 is a French political cartoon, “Patience, My Lord, Your Turn is Coming”. In this cartoon, a lady who seems like someone from the Church, which is the first estate, is waiting to be squeezed and turn skinny. This symbolizes that her wealth and power would be taken, and there would be more equality in the society. In document 5, we could see that the national Convention’s Law of the Maximum fixes the highest price for prime necessities, and persons who sell higher than the maximum of the price will need to pay fine.

One of the causes of the French Revolution was the unfair tax system — Only the third estate, which was the poorest one, needed to pay the tax. However, throughout the revolution, the tax system changed into everyone needed to pay tax, doesn’t matter what estate you are, everyone pay the same, therefore, it was extremely hard for the third estate. Apparently, even the taxation has been changed, that wasn’t fair enough, and in document 2, we could see that Declaration of the Rights of Man fixed the tax into proportional taxation. In the other hand, the government started to pay attention to the equal rights. As a result, people could all get a work. By looking at document 3, we see that in order to achieve the real equality, the first estate’s wealth and power are getting taken, instead, all the other estates would have some power.

Freedom of Speech and equality in law were also addressed in Declaration of the Rights of Man, so citizens could speak, and also question the officers. By fixing the high prices of prime necessities, people did not need to suffer as before, since they could get what they need. People would be satisfied with the government and their lives. Children could also all go to school for free, doesn’t matter if you were a girl or a boy, doesn’t matter what estate you were, they could all get knowledge. People could all be protected by the law, and also be punished if someone did something wrong. Those are all the positive results of French Revolution. They turned the government from feudalism into democracy. The society was better organized, and people got their rights.

However, there were also negative results. One of the most significant one is the Reign of Terror. People that were going against the revolution all got executed. It is estimated that about 40,000 people died during this 15 month period. It was a great horror in France; It established a fear in the French people to have any counter-revolutionary feelings. That was also the end of French Revolution.

Overall, there were countless positive results of French Revolution. Even there were some negative results; it was still a successful revolution. The society was benefit from the revolution; Equality and justice were brought to France. French Revolution ended the social inequality and the economic hardship.

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