Freshmen 15 Essay Research Paper Imagine living

9 September 2017

Freshmans 15 Essay, Research Paper

Imagine life in one topographic point all of your life. In this topographic point you have a place, a household, friends, activities that you have committed yourself to and perchance even a auto. You feel safe in this topographic point and most likely have developed an mundane rut of making things. Change doesn? t happen frequently in this topographic point and if it does the passage of one thing to the following is uneventful. Well, this is all about to alter. You are now traveling to be uprooted from your topographic point, your place, your household, your friends and your activities, merely to be placed in a new environment full of alteration. Let the old topographic point be called high school and the new topographic point is called college.

Making the passage from high school to college can be chilling and difficult to acquire used to. In college, survey wonts will alter, friends will alter, the distance from household to school will most likely alteration and activities will alter. One thing that will greatly alter will be the manner one chow and the sum of exercising one gets. The myth traveling into college is that you will derive the? freshers fifteen? . The? freshers fifteen? is in mention to deriving 15 lbs due to alter of diet and exercising wonts. Fifteen out of 15 freshers misss at the University of LaCrosse have heard of that term before coming to college. The myth must be really good known if 15 out of 15 misss from around the province of Wisconsin and Minnesota have heard of the term. Another inquiry asked was if they have gained any of the? freshers fifteen? while go toing the University of LaCrosse: nine out of 15 said yes. Over 50 per centum responded yes, so evidently this is a job that needs to be solved. This job exists for many grounds. Developing from causes that have critical effects, the job of deriving the freshers fifteen needs a class of action that will outdo combat against it. To happen the best solution for this job, an interview with Craig Key, Sheila Clemmins, and a canvass of 15 freshers misss took topographic point. A imaginable solution to this job is one that is instead intricate. It involves maintaining a record of one? s dietetic wonts and one? s exercising government. Then by puting ends and bounds, one would make full in a day-to-day sum-up of their behaviors. This International Relations and Security Network? t the lone solution, but it may merely be the best. With the information concluded from interviews and polls, this solution was arrived at and will supply a better penetration on how a freshmen miss at the University of LaCrosse can maintain off the? freshers fifteen? .

Why has the job of freshers misss deriving weight their first twelvemonth of college developed? The alteration from traveling to one diet to another is fundamentally is what is the cause of it. In high school pupils are more active and have much less clip to eat. When they do acquire a bite, it is something little and any Calories are burned off instead rapidly. Their parents fix large repasts and in most families the nutrient is good balanced and by and large healthy. Out of the 15 freshers misss polled, 70 three per centum of the topics agreed that their parents cooked better nutrient than offered in the campus dining installations such as Whitney? s, Chars, Blimpies, the Galley and the Cellar. In contrast to this statement, sixty seven per centum said that eat better at college than at place. The concluding given by the topics is that they eat less at college, so they eat better here. When asked what types of nutrients eaten, they say things like pizza, beefburgers, Gallic french friess and french friess. So the nutrients they are eating are non precisely healthy. They said that the nutrients at Whitney are non that great and the 1s that taste good are high in cholesterin, fat and salt. There has to be a manner one can eat healthy at Whitney? s. Harmonizing to Craig Key, the caput manager of the Whitney Center, Whitney? s does non add excess salt, Calories or any excess flavorers in its nutrient. He besides says that Whitney has to supply for a diverse group of people and it is difficult to delight everyone. The healthy nutrient they put out normally goes uneaten. If a pupil has the pick between Gallic french friess and a healthy vegetable casserole, the pupil will undoubtingly take the french friess. When asked what is his personal recommendation when eating at Whitney? s he suggests taking little parts and doing smart determinations. He quotes, ? Here we have like four or five sweets, whereas at place, ma merely made one dessert. ? Self restraint and doing smart determinations is the key to eating smart at Whitney? s. He states that Whitney? s is working with the 500 Club and with registered dietician, Ruth LeMeyer. Together they are seeking to hold nutrition labels on all of the nutrients and are seeking to convey back deli trays and a vegetarian country. When a state broad inspector came through Whitney? s, he said that LaCrosse? s dining hall could be put against any other college dining in the USA and come out someplace on top. Eating healthy on campus is possible, but one has to get down with themselves when puting the incrimination on why they are deriving weight.

Another developing factor that concerns one? s diet is holding more freedom from parents. Seventy-three of the topics said that being on one? s ain lends to eating whenever and whatever. Most of the topics polled say that yes ; they have worse eating wonts because no 1 is at that place to maintain a cheque on them. By non maintaining a cheque on one? s ego, one will be more susceptible to deriving weight. When asked if they gained any of the freshers fifteen, over half of the topics agreed that they have gained some weight since coming to college. By deriving weight negative feelings towards themselves surfaced. Responses such as? fat? , ? sulky? , ? whale-like? , ? less motivated? , ? ugly? and? embarrassed? were feelings felt by the topics. These feelings are easy replaceable with the add-on of eating healthy and regular exercise. All 15 topics were unfastened to the thought of extinguishing fatso, high cholesterin nutrients and to the thought of exerting on a regular basis. The topics that didn? t addition of the freshers 15 said that good feeding wonts, self restraint and exercising were cardinal when battling against deriving weight.According to Mrs. Sheila Clemmins, eating healthy and exerting does non hold to be a job. She recommends making a assortment of activities, that spark an involvement in one? s life. If one finds exerting tiring or clip consuming, so do something that is of involvement and does non

take more than an hr. Here is a list of activities she recommends: running in nature with a friend, hoops, volleyball, roller blading, swimming, boot pugilism, Taebo, bicycling, canoeing, transverse state skiing, hike, racquetball or even merely dancing in your room to some good music. Out of the 15 topics polled 73 per centum incorporates exercise into their life. The bulk of them exercised two or three yearss of the hebdomad. Activities done by the topics include: running, aerobic exercises, walking, weight-lifting, boosting, intramural athleticss and bicycling machines. These activities or the activities Sheila suggested will increase one? s cardiovascular and respiratory systems, and will develop a greater involvement for exerting. Sheila? s best advice is, ? Don? T dressed ore on exerting to lose weight, instead merely loosen up and allow yourself hold fun. After awhile, you will detect weight loss and a gained confidence. ? This advice comes from her many old ages of learning Physical Education and Health categories, along with the full clip occupation of being a parent of two high school pupils. As a kid she was corpulent, so she has gained personal experience in this field and knows what it is like to be on the unhealthy side.

Sheila Clemmins negotiations about making fun things in order to lose weight, but yet college pupils seem to happen fun activities that do non assist them lose weight. Out of the eight topics who province that they have gained some of the freshers fifteen, six of those besides answered yes to the ingestion of intoxicant on a hebdomadal, monthly or annual footing. Harmonizing to ________________ , the mean college pupils gains______ lbs from beer. This is when it is consumed on a hebdomadal footing over one twelvemonth. If one were to halt consuming intoxicant, so they would be able to maintain off some weight that wouldn? t otherwise be at that place. Feeling fat and bloated are symptoms one experiences after holding a unsmooth dark of imbibing. If a freshers miss here at the University of LaCrosse truly wants to maintain off the freshers fifteen, so the riddance of imbibing is important.

The cause of deriving the freshers 15 is the alteration of eating wonts from high school to college, the freedom gained in college and the increased ingestion of intoxicant. The effects is deriving weight and its attendant effects of holding a low ego image. Leading a unhealthy life will hold long term effects such as bosom jobs, fleshiness and high blood force per unit area. Solving this job can be done in many ways. One can merely non make anything about it or one can non eat so much or one can exert all of the clip. There is even the unhealthy pick of going anorectic and bullemic. All of these solutions are executable solutions, but there is a better manner. The best solution to this job revolves around self restraint and consciousness. This solution is instead intricate, but one time one continues on with it, it will look really easily. To put up this solution, seven stairss need to be taken. The first thing to make is to obtain a calendar with adequate room to compose day-to-day entries on to. The following measure involves eating healthy and exerting. Once you start exercsing and eating healthy, bespeak on your calender what exercising you have done for the twenty-four hours and how good you have eaten. To supervise and give one? s self a mental cheque on how one is eating, utilize a graduated table of one to ten. If one feels that they ate healthy that twenty-four hours, so they would give their self a six, seven, eight, nine or ten. If they feel like they ate ill, so they would give their self a one, two, three, four or five. Eating healthy entails the riddance of nutrients like Gallic french friess, pizza, beefburgers, ice pick and other fatty nutrients. This system merely makes one think about what they are eating and seting their feeding wonts so that they have a six through 10s each twenty-four hours on their calender. The 5th measure is puting a hebdomadal end for one ego. An illustration of a end would be to make 200 sit ups, to run one half of a stat mi and to eat three fruits, three veggies and no sweets for one hebdomad. Step six coincides with measure five, because it entails increasing one? s hebdomadal ends. Finally, one will go on on with this solution until it becomes natural for them to eat healthy and exercising on a day-to-day footing. Though this solution may look hard or arduous at first, after awhile it will go portion of one? s day-to-day modus operandi. I personally believe that this solution will work, because this is what I did to work out my job of deriving weight here at LaCrosse. I believe that losing weight starts in one? s head and continues on from at that place. One can non state that they want to eat healthy, but when provided with healthy nutrient, goes for the more fattening nutrient. By acknowledging to one? s ego that they need to lose weight and acknowledging that they do non exert plenty or eat decently, one can get down to see that doing the necessary alterations will better their life. Some might state that this solution is non the best manner, and that one needs stricter regulations and ordinances to follow. If this were instance, I personally would non lodge to that solution. By altering one? s perceptual experience and mindset about themselves, that individual can make what experience right for them and non experience bad if they miss a twenty-four hours or ordinance of a rigorous solution. Harmonizing to 80 per centum of the topics surveyed, they felt that this solution would be effectual because it would do them more cognizant of their job and they would be able to maintain a cheque on things. It would besides give them a ocular position on their achievements and it would actuate them to make better each hebdomad. This soltuion is meant to be an easy, relaxed solution that makes anyone experience comfy about losing weight with in their ain clip frame.

After implementing this solution, weight loss will go more and more apparent with each passing twenty-four hours. Assurance and a better ego image will be achieved, merely by taking duty for one? s actions. The myth of the? freshers fifteen? does non hold to go a world. It is a job among freshmen misss at the University of LaCrosse and has developed from cause that have critical effects. This job of deriving an excess 15 lbs needs a class of action that will outdo combat it. By implementing the solution stated in the above paragraphs, one will be able to go a healthy, active individual. One who will hopefully populate a long, happy life and will hold all of their dreams come true.

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