Freud’s Dream Analysis

4 April 2015
Purpose of psychoanalysis, basic theories, dream interpretation, focusing on his analysis of a dream of Leonardo da Vinci.

The purpose of this paper is to analyze Sigmund Freud’s discussions of psychological and psycho-analytic method and theory to discover whether Freud’s constant reversion to sexually-based conclusions can be supported by his own arguments. For example, in his construction and interpretation of the dream of a neurotic in The Case of the Wolf-Man, Freud reads the dream of a young man. Basically, the young man recounts to Freud during his treatment a dream he remembers from childhood in which, while lying in bed, he observes six or seven white wolves sitting on a tree in front of his window. From this dream and through other theories he espoused throughout his psycho-analytic career, Freud argued that the dream was in fact caused by the young man’s repression of seeing his parents engaged in sexual..

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