Freud’s Theory of Psychosexual Development

4 April 2017

Freud’s Theory of Psychosexual Development Freud’s Theory of Psychosexual Development “Oral to Genital stage, how it affected me as an individual. ” Submitted By: Submitted To: Freud’s theory of psychosexual development is based on erogenous zones which are important stages of development. According to the theory, there are five stages throughout one’s life: Oral phase, anal phase, phallic phase, latency phase, and genital stage. Each stage is involved in particular conflicts that must be resolved before moving on to the next stage of development.

All the stages have two things in common: each stage has their own comfort and pleasure source. Freud believes one’s experience during early stages of growth decides their change patterns and personality traits in adulthood. Based on Freud’s theory, study of my own growth and development will show and explain each stage I have been through and resolved each stage before moving onto the next stage. In addition, I am to outline five health promotion strategies to promote better health in myself which are realistic, attainable, and able to provide rationale of how they will help me achieve my goals.

Freud’s Theory of Psychosexual Development Essay Example

Oral phase begins when one is between births to18months of life. In this stage, infant’s mouth is the source of all comfort and pleasure. Satisfaction is obtained when oral needs are met. Sucking and biting is the center of pleasure for infants by using their mouths. Back in the day when I was still an infant, I used to suck my thumbs. From my parents’ memories, I did not suck thumb much compared to other infants around them. Also, I was not breastfed due to the fact that I hated it. However, I had my pacifier bottle as my replacement.

As I grew, I have moved onto the anal phase which occurs around 18months up to three years old. In this stage, Freud states that the center of pleasure is divided between the mouth and the process of elimination. Toilet training is one of the conflicts for the parents’ demand and child’s biological needs. By resolving this, child gains self-control and independence. As Freud stated, I seldom sucked my thumb. However, I was constantly corrected by my parents not to do so. Also, I was toilet trained when I was about 11months old, earlier than what Freud’s theory would have expected.

After I was toilet trained, I was confident about myself to go to washroom at my own will without someone always watching over me. Other events where I was able to do to things my own were to pick clothing for myself. From my mom’s story, I always lined clothes from top to bottom on a bed as if I was a stylist and asked her for approval and acknowledgement. At this stage, I have gained independence and self-control. According to Freud’s psychosexual developmental theory Phallic phase takes place between 3 to 6 years of life.

During this stage, Freud explains that child is associated with genital organs and Oedipus and Electra complexes are developed. Also, child is comfortable with undressing and running around naked. When I was in phallic stage, I was told from parents that I did not develop Oedipus complex. However, every time I was changing, I would parade around naked at least once. Since I did not develop Oedipus complex, I did not have any unconscious sexual attraction to my mother and saw my dad as my rival. Reason being I did not develop Oedipus complex is due to the fact that my dad was not around as much because of work.

As a result, my mom would take care of me without for me to develop Oedipus complex to have mom take care of me constantly. During my phallic stage, I was not able to resolve my oral stage. When I was in kindergarten, I remember occasionally chewing sides of my pencil due to stress and anxiety, but did not suck my thumb. During 6-12 years of life, latency phase begins. Sexual urges are dormant, quite the opposite from phallic stage. The sexual urges are channelled to “socially acceptable means of expression. ”(Elaine Polan & Daphne Taylor, 2007, p. 0) Students focus mainly on academic pursuits. Peer relationships increase between the same sexes. While attending school, I was not quite pursuing academically. I was more of a troublemaker with group of friends with same sex. My peer relationships increased by hanging out and attending same school club activities. Even though my sexual urges repressed, I remember that the urges were not completely repressed. From grade 1 to 3, I had a crush on one particular girl, but I was too shy to express my feelings because it was not normal for other students at my age it seemed.

It seemed that I may have skipped my latency stage or it was not noticeable. In this stage, I did not stop chewing pencil. It got worse and had to talk to my parents about it. The conflict of sucking and biting of oral stage was resolved during my latency phase when I was introduced to chewing gum. Last stage, genital phase, occurs from puberty to adulthood. In this stage many things happen. Puberty kicks in, thus change in body for reproduction occurs. Also, increase in hormonal changes activates the sexual urges which were dormant for years.

Sexual attraction and interest of opposite sex is increased. Desire for independence is still great, but still needs supervision from their parents. I had my first girlfriend when I was 12, before my puberty. Unfortunately, she had a car accident and passed away. This event caused my sexual urges to repress greatly because I was afraid similar things might happen to others. For 4 years, I avoided talking to opposite sex and the times I had to talk, I felt scared. Understanding the past got me back on track for sexual attraction and interest for opposite sex.

Up to when I had my first job, I relied on my parents most of the time and did not have strong desire for independence. Having a job gave me the knowledge of social communication and gave me the urge to have complete independence which did not happen. With minimal supervision, I still want complete independence, but due to the fact that I need financial assistance I have to stay with my parents. Throughout five stages of psychosexual development, I have become who I am now. Oral stage was one of the most influential stages for my life because I was biting things like pencils and my nails often during school when stressful times came.

It took very long and still now I have to constantly think to avoid chewing my nails. Phallic stage and latency stage seemed to just pass by without any problem other than the event where my closest friend passed away and might have kept my sexual attractions and interests of opposite sex for a short period of time during my genital stage. Health promotion is defined as any endeavour directed at enhancing the quality of health and well-being of individuals through strategies involving supportive environments, coordination of resources, and respect for personal hoice and values. (Janice A. Maville & Carolina G. Huerta, 2008, p. 3) What can promote better health in me? One way to promote better health for myself is to quit smoking which I am currently working at the moment. Many people know smoking is one of the leading causes of death in North America. I first started smoking when I was 18 years old for about nine to ten months. Then I realized that why was I smoking for? So I decided to quit for good. I had withdrawal symptoms on the third day of quitting but after that I was clean.

For about 10months after I quit, I started smoking again due to friends who kept peer pressuring me. Again, I started smoking for another five months and stopped. This time, I got my friends to quit with me at the same time so that I don’t smoke again to decrease my health. Also, making bets with friends who are smokers and non-smokers that if they catch me even holding on to a cigarette, I would have to pay money for consequences. That way, I lose my temptation to smoke. Another way to promote my health is to have a balanced lifestyle. Lifestyle is a broad category which may be too much for me to accomplish.

However, working on small sections of a healthy lifestyle at a time to achieve balance is quite attainable. First, working on my daily sleeping routine is greatly needed. On average, people need around 8 to 10 hours sleep to function at their best. However, I get around 5 to 8 hours sleep a day which makes my whole day very tiring and stressful. Last two weeks or so, I have been sick almost every day because I lack sleep which increases stress level that was slowly harming my body, deteriorating my body from inside out. Sleeping early and taking naps during day time can greatly improve my daily life.

Secondly, daily exercise of 30minutes a day is required. Even though I have time to go gym and workout, I do not have the mental strength to go and exercise and blame it on school. As a result, my dermographism and cholinergic ulticaria got worse due to the fact that I haven’t worked out for over 8months. In fact I have gained close to 10lbs as well over 8months. My strategy is to go to gym at least 3 times a week. It sounds exhausting, but once it becomes a habit, working out may refresh my mind to think clearly and help focus well in class.

My last strategy to meet balanced healthy lifestyle is to eat homemade foods more often rather than eating out. Not long ago, my friends and I used to eat out and drink alcohol once a week. Also, I always bought lunch during break at KFC, Subway, and food court. All these fast foods with inadequate exercise helped me gain 10lbs of fat mass which I did not ask for. Also, most of the fast food contains MSG which makes food tasty but is harmful for our bodies in long-term basis. Two weeks ago, I have started to make my own lunch at home and brought to school and ate it during break.

It was not as good as ones that I bought from restaurants but for the better health, better taste is sacrificed. Last but not least, I believe that the most important health promotion strategy for me is time management. I tend to do things on the last minute and it gives me big headaches and stress. To manage time, planning a weekly schedule in advance each week can greatly reduce my workloads the day before tests which can reduce my stress levels. Also by managing time, I can make time to have enough sleep and exercise daily without problems.

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