Frida Khalo Analysis

1 January 2017

Frida Kahlo and Surrealism According to the author Frida Kahlo wanted to be regarded as an original, but her works of art intertwined with what Andre Breton defined as surrealism, it was only until he went to Mexico and labeled her as a surrealist that she acknowledged the fact. Frida was aware of the fact that the tag of surrealist would bring her to crtical acclaim, and had no doubts about her paintings being surrealistic.

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The author states that Frida’s surrealism served both a personal and a cultural inclination toward fantasy even though she was discovered, rather than a natural surrealist. He further states that her work begins to change throughout the years example Henry Ford Hospital it then increases in complexity as that of the Self Portrait and What the Water Gave Me all of this to accommodate the surrealist tag, which he says Breton influenced as well as his book titled Surrealism and Painting where he used Frida’s painting for analysis.

However according to the author Frida had a different viewpoint from that of surrealists, she eschewed labels, he says her art was not the result of an indifferent European culture, but instead of her temperament, life and place her means of dealing with reality, hence making it more autobiographical. What the Water Gave Me according to the author is more real than surreal, making the painting a controversial one.

Diego Rivera argued that Frida was a realist, her humor differs from the sophisticated European surrealism, Frida found surrealism to be the magical surprise of finding a lion in a wardrobe where you were sure of finding shirts, to her surrealism was fun and amusing a jest at pain and death conversely surrealist humor is deadly serious. As written by the author in later years she denied being a surrealist, which he said was attributed to its loss of vogue.

She detested surrealism and came to the point of not knowing if her paintings were surrealist or not but she knew they were the frankest expressions of herself, she argued that surrealism was a deviation from true art. The author speaks of her journal as the most interesting piece of surrealist work she has done, the images and words flow with the knowledge of surrealist automatism. In essence Frida did not consider her paintings to surreal nor did she follow the accepted conventions of surrealism, she simply used her own style of surrealistic elements to paint her own reality.

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