Friday I'll Be Over U by Allison Iraheta

10 October 2019

If you watched American Idol Season 8 religously like me and several other did, then you have to remember 17 year old power house vocalist Allison Iraheta. As many of her fans know, Allison was signed only a few days after the finale of American Idol to Records 19. And just a few weeks ago her first single, Friday I’ll Be Over U, was released for digital distribution. First of all, for all of her hard rock fans, you will probably be a little dissapointed at first hearing of this single. This is nothing like her rock filled Michael Jackson rendition of “Give Into Me”. No, her first single is more like her performance of Dont Speak, except add a little bit more pop to the mix. In my opinion, I personally like her more rock oriented songs, such as when she rearranged Donna Summers “Hot Stuff” into such a vocally mature song that fit her voice, but not her age so perfectly. But it is also nice to see her finally acting like a real teenager and singing a real teen type of song. So with the combination some guitar riffs with a little bit of synthesizer, its has resulted in a very addictive new track. This may be the new Kelly Clarkson that American Idol producers have been hoping for. I personally am very satisfied with her new single, and am eagerly awaiting for her debut album. I think that with the style of music she is now pursuing in, she will lose a small portion of her old audience, but gain a much larger new one. Also on a side note, Allison’s cd tracks are open to 30 second listening clips on iTunes now. And her song, “Scars”, shows a much more moody side to her album,lyrics, and overall image.

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