Friend By Day, Enemy By Night ( Lincoln Keiser )

4 April 2015
Critical review of work on institutionalized vengeance and blood feuds in Pakistani tribal community.

Lincoln Keiser, in Friend by Day, Enemy by Night: Organized Vengeance in a Kohistani Community, explores blood feuding (mar dushmani, literally ‘death enmity’) and its ramifications in Thull, a Kohistani tribal community in the Hindu-Kush Mountains of Pakistan (vii). The community depicted by Reiser is thoroughly affected in almost every category by the imperatives of the system of vengeance:
The study shows how mar dushmani has come to interpenetrate life in this isolated community of mountaineers. Beliefs in the nature of God, concepts of self, patterns of ecological adaptation, the structure of houses, the number and kinds of dogs men own, the kinship and political system–death enmity penetrates and twists all these and more (vii-viii).
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