Friends, a popular American sitcom during the past years since 1994, left me the great impression with the distinct personal characters of six young people. So I would like to illustrate why I apply for Rutgers University through it. 1. Career Development Chandler, an executive in statistical analysis and data reconfiguration for a large multi-national corporation. Chandler quitted his Job and became a professional advertiser at an advertising agency at his mid age. I do not hope that I was another Chandler. As concluded by 10,000 Hour Rule written in The Talent Code, it takes 0,000 hours of devoted effort to become a world-class expert.

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So it is more beneficial for career development to brighten 10,000 hour process. I am a person who is good at figures and enjoy the great sense of satisfactory after helping others; I feel that I will be more suitable to be a statistical analysis. Rutgers University is an excellent university with strong major statistics and math, which definitely will arm me with the latest knowledge on it and help me to be a professional in the field. 2. Academic Research Ross, a paleontologist working at the Museum of Natural History, and later a roofless of paleontology at New York University.

I learned that academic research needs a good resource support, such as paleontologist study, conference speech, laboratory, library and so on, which is extremely significant for a paleontologist and so as to the other subjects. There are 26 libraries, centers, and reading rooms on campuses in New Brunswick, Newark, and Camden, the Rutgers University Libraries rank among the nation’s top research library systems. They could provide me with a large amount of professional textbooks, as well as some other books that develop my interests and broaden my visions, which is much better than my current university.

Apart from this outstanding hardware, Rutgers also possesses the excellent software. More than 4,000 courses and 100 major program of study are offered on three campuses at Rutgers, as well as many professors specialized in different academic fields. Students have the opportunity to study major and minorat the same time; undergraduate students are also involved in the research project, which attracts me most. 3. Living Skills Rachel, a waitress at the coffeehouse Central Perk, but she later became a buyer at Ralph Lauren. She was more and more independent after leaving home.

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As for me, Ihave been living and studying in my hometown with my parent’s, losing some abilities of being independent. Transferring into Rutgers in New Jersey, different city and different culture, will give me the chance to grow up fast. I will wash my clothes, clean the dormitory, motivate myself to study, fix meals, etc. As Monica said to Rachel “Welcome to the real world”, I am looking forward to seeing the wonderful world 4. Character Training Monica, a chef, known for her perfectionist and competitive nature. She is also a errors full of love, helping her friends when they are in difficulties.

Thanks for her characters; she could balance her work and life well. For me, I have some merits, such as a good listener, positive and having a dreaming. Also I have a demerit of being weak-minded. University life is an important process of building characters. Rutgers has more than 58,000 students from all 50 states and more than 125 countries, which provides me the great opportunity to communicate with each other and is rather beneficial for building my characters. 5. Hobbies and Interests Joey, a struggling actor and food lover. Phoebe, an eccentric masseuse and self- taught musician.

I have been always thinking when I have the chance to meet such interesting people and to learn such colorful knowledge. I like playing Gushing, a Chinese traditional instrument, watching tennis ball match, enjoying delicious food, traveling and so on. At my current university, I am the deputy director of Journalist Club of Campus Newspaper. At Rutgers, there are 400 clubs, covering academic, cultural, media/publications, performing arts, social and political action. I confidently believe that I will be a member of them. Undoubtedly Rutgers University will fulfill my dream.

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