Friendship and Politics

4 April 2015
A look at the role of friendship in politics and its significance to a successful career in politics.

This paper investigates the role of friendship in politics and how it impacts the job. The author argues that friendship in elections as well as on the job, is crucial to a successful career in politics.
“As young as daycare, children are taught not to fight with each other as the other children are friends. Share the Lego, it will be more fun, help everyone cleanup, it goes faster, twice as many people equals half the work, and double the joy. These teachings, no matter how minor and troublesome they may seem at the time, stay with children as they grow into adults. Therefore, it is not at all farfetched to think that adults in Congress will make use of the long-learned lessons. The most seasoned politician can make use of the rules of friendship, especially in the areas of getting elected, keeping the constituents happy, and support for the Congressman.”
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