Friendship in Huckleberry Finn

9 September 2016

Friendship is Key In the book The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, a great deal of friendship is shown. Friendship has played a key role in the story. Between Huck, Tom, and Jim, none of them would have lasted without being together. Together Jim and Huck go on adventures and with their differences, they both end up being perfect for each other. Tom and Huck were the best of friends and whenever Huck needed him, Tom would be there with them mentally and/or physically.

This book is a great way to show the importance of friendship whether you realize it or not. In chapter 16, Huck ends up meeting some men on a raft who were looking for runaway slaves. Instead of giving Jim up, he says that his family is on board and his dad has the small pox. The gentlemen decide to leave Huck alone because they didn’t want any disease. He knew he did a wrong thing by not giving Jim up, but he would have felt worse if he had. So he decides that he will “always do whichever comes handiest at the time.

Friendship in Huckleberry Finn Essay Example

In chapter 32, Huck decides to rescue Jim, and walks up to the house where Jim is being kept. Luckily, the house is owned by Tom Sawyer’s Aunt Sally. Huck immediately pretends to be Tom. When the real Tom arrives, Huck pretends to be his younger brother, Sid Sawyer. Tom is more than happy to help Huck. This shapes who Huck is because now he doesn’t have to try to help Jim alone. He will have a partner in crime and the plan will most likely be different.

Together, he and Huck contrive a plan to help Jim escape from his “prison,” an outdoor shed. If he did his own plan by himself, things would have been much more difficult. Throughout the book, Jim has trust in Huck. He always depends on Huck. He is always waiting for Huck. Jim also cares for Huck and thinks of Huck as his only hope. Jim and Huck build on each other as time passes by and as they continue their journey along the river. Between the two of them, they both help each other out in different ways.

Without the help of each other’s talents, neither of them would have been able to get where they needed to. Huck realizes by the end of the adventure how much friendship really matters. Without the relationships he has newly formed, Huck may not even be alive with the situation he was in. It teaches Huck Finn that friendship is key to overcoming hard situations in life. You don’t realize how much you need help until you actually need it. The theme of friendship was a major part of the events that took place in the book.

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