Friendships the ups and downs

1 January 2018

R I’m out here on the streets with nothing to eat. I feel so very weak because I can’t get up on my feet.

I look around me and see people who meet, wishing that could be me. I’m out here Miming on the streets with nothing to eat. Its dinner time and I go to see If I can get food. Everyone stares and looks at me and its getting pretty rude. I’m only a child I say, and they give me a look and then walk away. If only they could know how I felt with no one to talk to and no family to walk to. “Do they hate me”? I say, seeing me like this would probably make them go away.

I go back in my dirty corner, with nothing covering me or nothing on my feet. Sometimes I feel worthless and no one would ever like me.

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People yell at me “get off the corner, and stare at me in disgust. They don’t know that I’m homeless and try to look nice. Sometimes I get hug, and it makes me so happy. Telling me I’m here and I will pray for you I light up like the bright sun. Tomorrow I say, “will be a good day.

” There was no more teasing or staring today. I finally met a friend Just like me who felt this way. Tomorrow I say will be a good day.

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