Fringe Religions In The U.S.

4 April 2015
Examines the late 20th century growth of fringe religions in America. Discusses Buddhism, Hinduism and Shinto.

America is a religious country without being a religiously-controlled country. The Constitution protects religion from government interference and also from having the government select any one religion as a preferred religion. Christianity in its many denominations is the major religion in the United States, but there are many minority religions that thrive and that serve communities ranging from the relatively large to the very small. Some of these religions have been imported from other parts of the world, and some have developed here as individuals and groups seek a way to express their spirituality when they are disappointed in the existing religions. Some groups brought their religion with them and have made it part of the ethnic community they have built here. Some of these groups have also encountered discrimination and intolerance at various times …

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