From Conception to Birth

1 January 2017

All over the world, we have been taught that the life begins when we were born and have at least the 1st second of life. But, what we must know is that life starts when we were on the womb of our mother. As soon as the spermatozoid mixed with the ovule, the magic begins, and an amazing process takes place. Moreover, the creation of new organs, systems, body parts, etc, makes that process unique. As a result, birth is a magic moment from a complex process of creation that, usually takes 9 months or less to complete the โ€œMaster Pieceโ€.

When the mother is noticed that she has a babe on her womb, the embryonical period takes place from the 1st and 8th week. During the first 4 weeks of pregnancy, the embryo already has a heart with 2 lobes and it is beating. Also the spinal cord is visible. Moreover, the rest of the organs are being created by the 5th week to the 8th week.

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The embryo already has a heart, a brain that is continuously growing, and all his internal organs. But, it is not externally well-formed already.

After the embryonical period is already finished (from 1st to 8th week), the fetal period stars between the 9th to 23rd week. In the 9th week, the fetus is starting to use the internal organs to form the external organs, by the 10th week, the fetus is not similar to a babe yet, it just has a formed brain, a small chain, and two little ears. Then; fingers, feet, hands, legs, arms, a nose, and uncompleted ayes are formed by the week 16th. Next, by the 23rd week, fingernails appear, a completed face with the eyes on the front is formed, and the fetus is more like a real recent born baby.

Finally, by the 26th week, the fetus is completed; also it can suck his thumb and is moving all the time. The baby now has 18 centimeters, and the parents can feel it externally. It is moving, turning side by side, breathing and preparing himself to birth by the 32nd week. Creation is just an amazing process, and is more valuable when we can see how that process takes place. As a conclusion, birth is pure magic just by the complex process of creating a human being in only 9 months, and we must be conscious about what exactly โ€œLIFEโ€ means, even to an embryo or a fetus.

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