From Here to Now to You by Jack Johnson

10 October 2019

“I’ve got everything, I’ve got you…” Ahhh, sweet music to my ears. Jack Johnson’s album From Here to Now to You is pure gold. It says what our hearts can not, and is both powerful and uplifting. Everything from the perfect melodies to Jack’s perfect lyrics filled with rich honey. Completely delightful and satisfying, this album is a must have for any Jack Johnson fan. On May 18th, 1975 a true legend was born into the beautiful and welcoming Hawaiian beaches. I am absolutley blown-away by Jack’s album. It is phenomenal, I can just picture myself sitting on the sunny beaches of Maui, headphones plugged into my ears, listening to the both cool and hot sounds from Jack’s new hit.

Everything from this album screams “DANCE!” It’s inspirational and makes you feel great about yourself. I am not suprised that this album is pure genius, everything from Jack is. I was extremely impressed by From Here to Now to You, the beautiful songs made my liking for Jack grow a couple football fields more. I plan to purchase this complex and ingenious album. Along with buying tickets to see Johnson live in concert. This will most definitely be the best concert I will go to. How I know this? Once you’ve listened to From Here to Now to You, you will both know and understand. Oh, don’t thank me for shedding some light on you, thank Jack, for his beautiful work of art, that makes me smile day after day. Thank you.

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