From Indifference to Death

10 October 2016

Did you wonder how many accidents happen, when people are indifferent to what surrounds them? More and more people choose to ignore the person who is in trouble, or can Be i n danger. We are accustomed to ignore other people’s troubles and difficult situations in life, we have different morals, Not the same as before. Now indifference became commonplace. The twenty first century has brought many innovations, most of which makes sense to “self-preservation”. In the story “Samuel” written by Grace Paley, the author describes in detailS the human indifference. All actions occur in the subway.

Four boys were jiggling on the swaying platform between the locked doors of the subway cars. People in both cars saw them. Only one woman approached the boys and said: “You boys will be hurt. You’ll be killed. I’m going to call the conductor if you don’t just go into the next car and sit down and be quiet”. She had her own boy at home and she knew what would happen if her child was hurt or more worse died. One of the men whose boyhood had been more watchful than brave became angry. He went to the end of the car and pulled the emergency cord. Samuel fell head down and this killed him between the cars. Who is to blame for the death of the boy?

All clear that was the man who pulled out the emergency cord. But in this situation are many causes of death! The first cause is the indifference of people who were in the subway. The second reason is the bad education of the boys. Only parents can properly educate. A mother should be responsible for her child, she should be with her son and prevent such a tragedy. It was the biggest mistake. Causes of death are different and we can change the world to prevent senseless deaths. Let us respect each other and do not pass by when the accident occurs in front of you. Let us not to be indifferent and always help those who need it.

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