From The Big Bang To Life On Earth

4 April 2015
This paper examines the history of the Big Bang theory and how life may have been created on Earth.

This paper examines the Big Bang theory, and how the planet Earth is thought to have come about. The author discusses how if life on Earth was created via the Big Bang, could not humans expect to find intelligent life elsewhere in the universe, created in the same manner? The paper looks at whether humans have the technology to discover possible extraterrestrial life.
“Should we as humans expect to find intelligent life elsewhere in the universe? There are many reasons for and against this concept, but first we should trace just how our terrestrial life started. The beginning of time and the universe began with the Big Bang. This was an explosion that started the expansion of the universe. In the most basic sense, the standard model is simply the idea that every bit of the matter and energy in the universe was once compressed to an unimaginable density. In the big bang, the material exploded outward into the formation of matter that we see today.”
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