From The Cradle

9 September 2019

“From the Cradle,” Eric Clapton’s first all blues album since his work with the Bluesbreakers in the ’60s, proves that he still has his touch. Throughout the album Clapton plays with the aggressiveness of a younger man, but with the perfection that only a man with experience can possess. Every note of every song is a pure expression of Clapton’s powerful emotions.

“From The Cradle” stands out from any other album recently released for a number of reasons. True Clapton fans, as well as blues fans in general, have been awaiting the release of this album for over 20 years. Finally Clapton chose to release this album at the pinnacle of his career, following up his all-time best-selling album “Unplugged.” “From The Cradle” demonstrates perfect live-in-the-studio blues playing with almost no editing. If you’re looking for intensely felt solos, songs like “Five Long Years” and “Groaning The Blues” are exactly what you’re looking for.

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The best part of the album is that Clapton does all cover songs, but all have a unique Clapton sound. On the two Freddie King covers, “I’m Tore Down” and “Someday After a While,” Clapton does not alter his style to match King’s style. This gives the album its own distinct Clapton sound. Eric Clapton has clearly put together one of the best blues albums recently released, which is a nice change from the alternative scene C which has become mainstream

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