From Yalta to Potsdam: Continuity or Change?

This paper explores U.S policies toward the Soviet Union.

This paper contrasts the policies of the Roosevelt and Truman administrations toward the Soviet Union, especially as displayed at the Yalta and Potsdam conferences.

From the paper:

“As World War II labored toward its end in 1945, two final conferences of the Grand Alliance would begin to shape the postwar world. However, as put forth in lecture, between the Yalta Conference in February and the Potsdam meeting in July, the position of the United States changed dramatically. At Yalta, Roosevelt hoped to achieve an agreement on the United Nations, guarantee Soviet entry into the war against Japan, and continue to mold the postwar balance of power. In Europe, Roosevelt pushed for the dismemberment of Germany into seven pieces and the “pastoralization” of the defeated power.”

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