Full Sentence Outline

1 January 2018

Root- I know It’s a pick-up truck , but think about being behind the wheel, think about all the power pulling them ass Ill. THE-MY passion for driving fast has gotten me into a lot of trouble with police IV. Pre- First, I will discuss how I fell in love with driving fast and the reason I love to do it, then I will talk about how it has gotten me into a lot of trouble Transition: I know most if not everyone has that ONE moment were they want to really speed l. IMP: My father use to rebuild and race cars when I was younger A.Being able to be fully Into every step of the rebuild process made me fall In love with race cars 1. If course with race cars and the sport of racing there’s a lot of speeding Involved a.

Don’t know why but seeing cars go fast has always excited me 2.

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My father always had some type of fast car or truck, and when I mean I fast I mean supercharged a. If it wasn’t the Harley-Davidson Fl 50, it was Corvette ZOO b. And for some odd reason he use to always go fast when I would be in the car with him B. Drag racing has been in my life for long time now 1.When I was younger me, my father and uncles would attend this event called Black Sunday a. There is were everyone brought their cars from all over the country to race b.

Seeing all the different types of cars and how fast certain cars could go was amazing 2. The loud noises and the engine revving is some of the main reason why I loud speeding a. I know it can be dangerous to myself and other people b. But I can’t stop doing It Translation: The downfall from speeding Is the consequences that follow II. AMP: Speeding has gotten me into so much trouble so many times its ridiculousA. My speeding problem has cause me to be in an accident, not a bad one but it was still an accident 1. I was speeding on the expressway, coming Off ramp a.

I was looking down at my phone b. When I looked up I was going fast towards the rear of this lady car 2. When I slammed on the breaks, it was too late a. I started sliding towards the car ahead of me b. That’s when I crashed into the back of their car B. I also have gotten my license suspended twice for speeding 1. The first time was prom morning a.

We was leaving my house on our way to the car wash b.When my homier wanted to race me there since it was a straight shot 2. The second time was on my way to Chicago from Champaign a. This time I think I was tricked b. The officer told me I was doing some where between MPH c. We sat and argued for a couple minutes before he wrote me my ticket Conclusion l. Today Vive told you the reason and ways speeding has gotten me into trouble II.

First I talked to you about why I love to speed so much and then I talked to you about the ways speeding has gotten me into trouble Ill.

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