Fun Facts

3 March 2019

An avid cat-lover who is usually looked to for comedic relief, I strive for just one thing in the world: happiness. I adore Mexican cuisine and my biggest pet peeve is when adults talk to me like I’m still in kindergarten. I used to love math – that is – until I entered AP Calculus. Sometimes, when I listen to music, I pretend that I’m in a quirky indie film and there’s someone far away thinking about me. I tell people I hate my hair, but I secretly and absolutely would never trade these ginger locks for anything. I make fun of people who listen to underground bands and swoon over Thom Yorke of Radiohead: little do they know that my Ipod is loaded with self-indulgent hipster bands and that I’ve been to two Wilco concerts, and fully appreciated both.
For twelve years I’ve been playing the piano: I’ve been playing the guitar for two months and I already love it more than I have ever loved any of those 88 ivory keys.

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I’ve been playing the kazoo for fifteen years, and it still beats out any other instrument I’ve ever attempted to play. At the gym, I end work-outs early and tell myself that I will work extra hard the next day. I never do. There is nothing I love more than singing and making music in front of an audience, no matter what size. My alarm is set every morning for 6:50 AM, but I always find myself hastening out of bed in horror at 8:17. Some people classify me as a thespian, which, naturally, means that I look down upon anyone not in theater, I’m fanatical over Wicked and my friends and I never stop singing show tunes. None of those are true. Well, not the first two. When I think of next Autumn, I tell myself that I am ready to forget Clarence, New York and never turn back; but when I look at my best friends, I realize that there are some things about this suburban dome that I wish I could bring with me.
But after all of these fun facts, you’re probably still wondering: Who is this girl? Is her passion for music enough to get her where she wants to be? What is she going to be doing for the rest of her life? Does she have any idea where she wants to be in ten years? Is she social enough for us? Does she love theater, or is it just something for her to do? Is she ready to be away from home, or has she been ill-prepared for this exciting yet fearsome change? Will she ever succeed in science and math, or should she stick to the arts? Is she going to contribute to the world and change lives? Is she ready for this next step in her life? How well-prepared is she for adulthood?

That’s what I’m going to college for.

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