Further Festival

11 November 2018

When Bob Weir was only 16, he got on a red bus called Further, and from that point he was involved with music. When he decided to organize a concert he decided to call it the Further Festival because that bus ride was memorable for him. Last summer I had the chance to go to this festival. It was a very good experience. I saw Bob Weir and Mickey Hart play (something I didn’t think would happen after Jerry Garcia’s death). I also saw Los Lobos, Electric Hot Tuna, John Wesley Harding and many others. I arrived at Sandstone at 1:00 along with many other deadheads. The parking lot was full of venders selling everything from t-shirts to the unforgettable veggie burrito. Everyone there treated you with respect. There wasn’t one moment I felt out of place. It was a great place to forget problems, sit back and relax. At 4:00 the music started. The “go with the flow” attitude was expressed in every song. Many Grateful Dead songs were played including “Bertha” by Los Lobos, “Jack-A-Roe” by John Wesley Harding and many others. This summer the Further Festival came around again, traveling all over the United States. I hope many of you were there

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