Furthering your education

2 February 2019

The sight around me is wondrous. Shimmering, scarlet, satin gowns draped around the feet of my fellow classmates and friends. The sparkling smiles are plastered on the graduate’s faces. The happiness and excitement is tangible in the crisp, November air. It’s graduation day. But this time around, the experience is so much different. It really is the start of my life. As I stride to the podium I think back on all that I have accomplished. When the Dean hands me my diploma, I know in my mind that I did it. I graduated from San Diego State University. I turn to the crowd, close my eyes and thrust my arms above my head and let out a cry of joy. When I open my eyes, I’m sitting in an office. I ponder out the window to find the Statue of Liberty standing tall and beautiful over the glistening water.

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The name tag on my desk has my name and the title of “Editor and Chief” engraved into the cold metal. Outside my office I find my own secretary.

“Good Morning Mrs. Hawkins.” She says to me with a pleasant smile.

“Morning Debbie. “ I reply.
Back in my office, I sit in my cushioned chair and close my eyes and reflect on how it all began. I think back to the sight of the scarlet gowns and realize it was then, college graduation. One day, your life will flash before your eyes, make sure it is worth watching.

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