2 February 2019

Have you ever desired some thing really deeply and went foward to get it but had to face zillions of trials to get it? Well if this has occured to you thenyou know exactly what I mean.In my opinion, in order to prevent hard future desicions why not choose now?I made my desicion and it is being a Surgeon someday; I decided to choose being a surgeon as my ambition because its perfect from all angles such as, money wise, standards, and dreamt. I love to lend a hand to people in need and I discovered that this job will help others and will also on the other hand I will be doing my dharma. Due to my perspective, attention is strongly required to benefits to being a surgeon.
Maybe we get forgived, realization but getting another chance from time is possibly impossible so, the first benefit I would reccomend is the standards. There is standards in everything weather its high or low; Surgeon is a high standarded job because you get paid enought to live your life happily and you get the respect from everyone this world has been desiring it from. I have a uncle who was pitingly poor but he later on in life succeded and became a brain surgeon and he has earned alot of respect, well more than he use to account. However there are alot of objections while using this solving for example, the money to get to college to become a doctor costs a fortune. Never the less, anticipations can be overcome because,”If you read, you will succeed.”
“Success is a journey,not a destination,”and I am highly positive that you will succeed only if you try. Dreams is the other factor that helps you reach where you want to be.I am 100% positive that things are going to work out if you just bring out whats deep inside your heart.There is another quote that helps me get up everytime I fall down and that is,”Where there is a will, there is a way.”I heartly believe in this quotation because its amazingly true.However anticipations might overcome your way while using this solution because dreams/imagination can always overflow and take you to a land where you just keep on dreaming but a little bit too much. Never the less, this conflict can fiercly be overcame because if you have enough courage to dream then I am sure you have lack of confidence in your self to control what you do.Everything seems clear and easy; right?
Well life is what you make it and I know I am gonna make mine rock!
As you can see, dreams and standards are two of the major highly suggested solving we, humans should focus on when deciding what our ambition is going to be like.This idea has been working for my 13 years of living, there is no doubt it wont work for others.Just try and see where the success’s path will take you in life.

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