Future of Computer Technology

5 May 2017

Futurism Technology continues to evolve in ways to streamline our daily activities as well as provide us with new and innovative enhancements. In the coming years, computers will become smarter, more sophisticated, more flexible, and more humanlike. These transformations will continue to change the landscape in the areas of healthcare, commerce, education, and the environment. In healthcare, more sensitive and less invasive instruments are being integrated to identify tumors in the body. These diagnostic tools can identify a growth as benign or malignant without requiring a biopsy.

One potential development utilizes sophisticated software to analyze cells without removing them from the body and could potentially replace x-rays in the future. The future of healthcare testing promises faster and more reliable methods of diagnosing illnesses and conditions, which in turn will increase patient care Also throughout the healthcare industry, failure to correctly identify expectations. patients continues to result in medication errors, testing errors, and wrong person procedures.

Future software applications utilize the latest bar coding and wireless technologies to distinguish patients as well as procedures. The implementation of such equipment will decrease liability and minimize human error while improving the quality of care for our patients. Consumers relentlessly surf the web for the best price for purchasing goods or services. Web merchants must be up to date on current technology in order to remain competitive. The future trend in fashion marketing is virtual fitting rooms.

The virtual fitting room helps the shopper find their size in a variety of clothing brands along with the ability to visualize the clothing fit. In addition to saving time and money, the innovative shopping websites will also ecrease the frustration of having to ship and return merchandise, an extraordinary benefit for busy families. The Internet is an elaborate source of education, information, and communication. The next generation of computers has the ability to surpass typical classroom lectures as an educational forum.

Future learning environments include sophisticated computers that have the capability to understand ordinary, everyday spoken words in English, Spanish, Chinese, or any other major language. Avatars or on screen images appear as Einstein, Columbus, or a classroom teacher to share lectures, instruction, or to communicate at a personal evel. These latest educational tools will provide my children the opportunities to converse with students from around the world helping them to understand the value of cultural diversity.

In an effort to conserve electricity, local energy companies have developed programs to remotely optimize the operation of air conditioners during times of high- energy usage. Other potential conservation advancements integrate software programs for the entire household. Templates of usage schedules are programmed to run lights, heat, or air conditioning at different intervals throughout the course of a ay based on volume or need.

The potential electricity savings and its related costs provide a direct benefit to my household as well as an ecological benefit to the greater community. Predicting what the tuture holds is difficult to torecast; however, what we do know is that change will take place since our planet is on an ever-increasing quest for simpler, smaller, faster and better gadgets and devices. Technology continues to change the way we perform both ordinary and extraordinary tasks and it is exciting to ponder about its future direction and where it will lead.

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