Future of Organized Religion

4 April 2015
Discusses changes & adaptability of Christianity, Judaism & Islam in context of scientific development in 21st Cent.

This paper is a consideration of three of the world’s most popular religions – Christianity, Judaism, and Islam – and their potential place in life in the 21st century. This paper posits a future in which technology has contributed to an increase in prosperity, helped to reverse current environmental stresses, allowed humankind to regularly travel beyond Earth, and provided a bountiful society for the majority of earth’s citizens. In this new world, organized religion can be expected to continue to serve an important purpose, but only by being willing and able to adapt to a world transformed by science. The dramatic changes that have occurred in this century have already proved the durability and flexibility of the world’s great religions in remaining relevant to daily life.

Paul Boyer (1992) devoted several years and considerable…

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