Do people need to look to the past or the future when making decisions? Plan and write an essay in which you develop your point of view on this issue. Support your position with reasoning and examples taken from your reading, studies, experience, or observations. Do people need to look to the past or the future when making decisions? Today there are many obstacles to success, and the decisions you make, whether you succeed or not.

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Now the things we have done on the past will Influence what people think about us, influence the actions that people have on us. However, when we are faced with making a decision nowadays, we need to be looking how this going to affect us tomorrow, next month ,next year and How will my friends and family be affected on that decision I’m making And what are the consequences to this decision that I’m about to make.

That’s why I believe that people must look to the uture when about to make a decision. Looking to the future is more likely to help you make a good decision because it makes you look at what will happen as a result of a decision with a clear head. If you look to the past, your Judgment might be clouded with what did happen without understanding that it simply is what did happen, and it probably won’t happen again, but the decision you make will effect what will happen.

The big picture is always important here because every small decision that a erson makes can have a huge effect on what the future will be like. You have to look to the future and try to Imagine the different consequences that may occur when you take this decision and not that one. I think if you are trying to make a decision and you look at your past to make that decision I think you are going to be stuck up on how you did bad on the past you will never be able to make a good declslon for yourself so you should Just

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