Galileo Essay Research Paper GALILEOGalileo 1564 1642

9 September 2017

Galileo Essay, Research Paper


Galileo ( 1564- 1642 ) was an Italian uranologist and physicist whose finds in mechanics and astronomy contribute greatly to the patterned advance of Science. He started his Science calling at the University of Pisa where he studied to be a doctor. Galileo made his first of import find while still analyzing in Pisa when he was merely 19, it was when he was in the cathedral detecting the singing action of the hanging lamps, he wondered if the continuance of their swings was ever the same regardless of the distance they traveled. He used his pulsation as a clip keeper and found out he was right, so he set off back place to experiment. In Galileo s 3rd twelvemonth at Pisa he began to analyze mathematics and he was so fascinated by it that he stopped analyzing medical specialty and decided to return to Florence. After merely five old ages of analyzing math and natural philosophies in Florence he was nominated as professor of mathematics at the University of Pisa. Then, after merely three old ages of learning at Pisa he became professor of mathematics at Padua. Galileo spent 18 old ages of his life here. He met his married woman Marina Gamba here and had three kids. His talks were an tremendous success, and in his house he had a workshop in which he constructed mathematical instruments with the aid of a machinist. He invented a device called the & # 8220 ; geometrical and military compass & # 8221 ; , and besides, an air thermometer.

The telescope had been invented in Holland about 1608, and the undermentioned twelvemonth Galileo made himself a little instrument with a lead tubing. In August 1609 he showed it to the Doge of Venice and other powerful people from the top of the St. Mark s Cathedral. The enthusiasm shown by the Doge was tremendous, and Galil

eo received an extra wage. In 1610 Galileo used a larger telescope and studied the Moon with it, he saw that the Moon was non smooth as everyone thought it was but, covered with mountains and vales and craters. He so discovered that Venus has different stages like the Moon, and showed us that it revolves around the Sun. With this theory he proved that the Earth was non the Centre of the existence. The importance of these finds added tremendously to Galileo s celebrity, and Cosimo II called him to Florence to name him foremost philosopher and mathematician to be the Grand Duke of Tuscany. His finds which were published in 1610 in his book called Sidereus Nuncius ( The Sidereal Messenger ) , received acknowledgment from the greatest scientists around the universe.

On one of his journeys to Rome, around 1611, Galileo received honour by Pope Paul V. In the garden of the Quirinal he was able to show his finds to the Jersuits of the College of Rome and was enlisted in the Lincean academy.

His astronomical finds were based on the Copernican system, and in four letters he tried to demo that the theory of the Earth s motion around the Sun was non in resistance to the Bible. Transcripts of these letters were circulated and provoked violent onslaughts against him, so that he was eventually denounced to the Inquisition. On Galileo s following visit to Rome, the Holy Office announced a animadversion against the Copernican system in 1616, and stopped Galileo from learning, supporting, or even discoursing it. Afraid of imprisonment, Galileo agreed.

The last old ages of his life were spent at Arcetri where he lost his seeing. He could non detect heavenly organic structures any longer but he continued to learn about them.

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